Indian MRM needs more Judicial Activism now…

Yes, Indian MRM needs more Judicial Activism now…

The Male Factor

Recently we have found that Indian MRAs are attracting legal troubles for their protest against misuse of gender biased laws. Reports suggest that in two such recent cases one activist who has filmed eyewitness’ account to disprove the alleged harassment complaint in a bus was threatened with a case. She is expecting another case in a separate incident for writing about an alleged misuse.

Many may be shocked to see this as infringement to one’s freedom of speech or opinion but this is in line with the behaviour of fraudsters who would try to suppress any voice raised against their fraudulent activities. So MRAs raising their voices against all such fraudulent cases need to be ready for this.

MRAs are normally educated common people who have suffered legal atrocities in their personal lives. In most cases they are still fighting their own cases and any additional case for their activism…

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Why victims must attend weekly meetings?

***Fighting Gender biased laws** ***** *National Family Harmony Society* 498A HelpLine 9880141531

A Victim of gender biased laws like 498A IPC

  •          You have been betrayed by the person whom you trusted most, with whom you were supposed to spend life.
  •          Further when you went to police they extorted money from you.
  •          Further when you when went to lawyer, he is only interested in your money not in your relief. He is interested in your take home salary to decide your fees.
  •          Every one cheated you whom you trusted.
  •          Most of you cannot tell what happened in your life even to your colleagues.
  •          Your close friends told you…C’mon yaar…This is normal in a married life…Do compromise and bring back your wife without even knowing what is 498A!!
  •          When Judge called you to his chamber…He told you Do Settlement…Else I will not grant bail to you.
  •          You are humiliated…Your feel Cheated…You feel betrayed…You feel your life…

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IrBM Protest Letter dated 17/12/2014


To, Hon’ble Minister of Law and Justice, Shastri Bhawan, A-Wing, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi – 110001  

21st Century is undoubtedly the century of Asia: India and China, mainly! These two countries are in the path of exponential growth not merely because of its large population but essentially because of the family system that nurtures quality human resource. The unique opportunity that India has today of young and skilled youth is indeed because of its stable family system. Sanskar, Skills and Stability is fundamental to the society that solicits “Make In India”.

We come to you as members of Save Indian Family Movement that has been working for family harmony for a decade now. This movement took its inception from the Suicide statistics of Married Men in India which had been alarming for last few years:

Suicide graph

While the number of women committing suicide in the country has been more or less stable, the rate of Men’s suicide has kept on increasing. This is quite an indicator of declining emotional state of Married Men in India, “Family Causes” being at the top of the list according to NCRB (Home Ministry).

Last few decades have brought in many women centric laws like 498a, DV and more. The education and earning power of women in India has pleasantly increased and our women are enjoying much more of freedom and self reliance that ever in the history of our nation. This new empowered generation has unfortunately also brought many western pitfalls in Indian family system; increased divorce rate is one of them. Divorce is no more a taboo for Indian men and women now and these days divorce is an acceptable phenomena in India more than ever. A pertinent fact to this was revealed by a study that most of the divorces (82%) are initiated by women in India.

At this culture cusp of Indian society where the fundamental value of family system is already disintegrating, Government is willing to allow one additional ground to seek divorce among Hindus. The Marriage Law Amendment Bill 2014 is introducing Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage as another ground for seeking divorce assuming that it would reduce the number of family litigations pending in the court. It is ironical that when government is trying to make the law books leaner, this new ground would be a burden which would increase litigations of a warring couple even further as it is leached with property division angle of the Husband that also considers his inherited and funnily inheritable property.

A similar law was passed in China in 2010 and was reverted back by SC of China as it not only incremented family litigations but also made marriage-then-divorce as a property acquiring business for women.  When women start marrying for money and not for family and love, that’s a shameful decline of our cultural values. Men, Hindu in particular, to protect their property from a risk of possible divorce would then either stop marrying or may never invest in property. Savings would lose meaning, economy would SLOW DOWN! With marriage becoming more of a gamble that it already is today, Family System would collapse.

The proposed Marriage Law Amendment Bill is a conspiracy by world feminists to damage the social fiber of India, Hindu Family System in particular. The present government does not believe in appeasement politics, whether it’s of a particular sector party, we hope that it would also be immune to the Indian Feminists.

Supreme Court has authoritatively pointed out that the Anti dowry law – IPC 498a is “Legal Terror”. The NCRB data for the past five years shows the reality of 498a cases. The conviction rates are as low as 2%.

Domestic violence laws all over the world, including Bangladesh and Pakistan, are gender neutral but unfortunately in India it’s available only to the women. Surveys in the west have shown that a significant percentage of men too are victims of domestic violence.

In the paper titled The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence, 2013 (Annex 1), by Nupur Bhutani, 93% of the men accepted that they suffered Verbal, Emotional and Physical violence from their wives. 76% stated that they had experienced Economic Abuse and 48% stated sexual abuse. Further, roughly 73% of men had experienced physical abuse at the hands of their wives.

DV graph

(Source: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence, 2013 – By Nupur Bhutani)

Ground level situation of Men in family dispute is that of a destitute:

Men face a bouquet of misuse of women centric laws (IPC 498a – Dowry law, Domestic Violence, SHWB etc). There are existing 3 laws of maintenance and Alimony of a wife. The new law, in addition to the available reliefs (only to a woman) also offers property share as an incentive to divorce for Hindu Women. Hard to believe but an unfortunate truth is that the propose amendments to the Hindu Marriage Law is a “No Fault” divorce law with punishment only and always to a husband.

Few unbelievable features of the proposed amendments are:

  1. Husband cannot oppose the divorce under this section while a wife can.
  2. Husband’s assets are only divided. Wife’s assets are ignored.
  3. Marriage duration is not considered: A wife can force the husband to part with more than 50% of his premarital, acquired and share in ancestral, inheritable assets even for a 1-day marriage.
  4. Wife’s earning capability and education is not considered while deciding Alimony.
  5. No settlement of other running litigations are clarified in this bill:

A wife would falsely accuse a husband and with this amendment get a no-fault exparte divorce, go ahead snatch share of husband’s property, get married to another Man and move on. Whereas, the Husband would’ve lost his property and would still be running around the courts proving his innocence in still pending false cases against him like 498a, CrPC 125, PWDVA etc.

We have written many e-mails to you and have send you numerous representatiosn through various means but we have not got any response from your Hon’ble office.

Hon’ble Sir,

The new government has ignited the nation by giving it a vision, courage to dream big and to have faith in governance. But all this would necessarily require a healthy society where the mind is fearless and family values are conducive. We earnestly seek your immediate intervention since such half-baked hastily prepared formulations, needs due consultation and public opinion. These new bills that are based on unfounded prejudices are indeed an obstacle in “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”.  These can grievously damage the fabric of Indian society which is our unique advantage on the world stage today. This is apart from the socio-economic impact it may cause. For the reasons indicated above and the ground level situation of Men in India, we pray to you to kindly not consider and pass this UPA drafted bill, as it is, in haste and oblige us forever by giving us a chance to explain the matter in person.

Thanking You,

Anupam Dubey

Mob. +91 98891 88810

Why this focus on ’rapes in India’ by world media? #SaveIndia #SaveMen please understand and #StopMarriageBill



Judging from media reports, India has a BIG problem with rape. No other country seems to come even close. All over the globe “another rape in India” is reported ever so often.  On my last visit to Germany, I jolted when on 27. December 2013 the most popular TV news ended with “another gang rape in India”. It was one of only five topics of the 15 minutes broadcast.

Even my sister wondered how a gang rape in India made it to the main news in Germany. That same day in a conservative estimate, over a thousand rapes would have been committed all over the world.  In the USA some 200, in South Africa some 170. In the western cities, the statistics show a high percentage, much higher than in India. Many of those rapes would have been gang rapes. In many cases, the girl or woman would have been…

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National Crime Records Bureau – 2012 Crime in India & Suicide statistics Analysis (Final Part)

National Crime Records Bureau – 2012 Crime in India & Suicide statistics Analysis (Final Part)

Stand up for a Cause ...

A few charts showing data on crimes in India –


Dowry Deaths



Sexual Harassment

Male Suicides and frivolous cases plotted on a graph and scaled to 100 is given below:

scaled data 2001-2010



  1. ‘% of convicted cases’ has been calculated as a percentage of the number of incidents reported during the year. (ie. Number of cases in which convictions were made during the year / Number of reported incidents during the year).
  2. ‘Frivolous Cases’ mean sum of a) Cases Declared False on Account of Mistake of Fact or of Law, b) Cases not Investigated or in which investigation was refused, c) Cases Withdrawn by the Govt., d) Cases withdrawn by the Govt. during investigation, e) Cases Compounded or Withdrawn and f) Cases Acquitted or Discharged.
  3. Data Source: NCRB Software for analysis Crime Info and ADSI Info.
  4. Please feel free to drop a message if you believe any data / graph is incorrect above. I…

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National Crime Records Bureau – Suicide Stats – 2012 (Part 2)

National Crime Records Bureau – Suicide Stats – 2012 (Part 2)

Stand up for a Cause ...

Sad clown

This is the part 2 of the National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB’s) suicide statistics. The part 1 of the statistics are here. In this part we will try to explore if any causal effects are there to a rise in the male suicides.

In discussion with a few male rights activists, false criminal cases and gender biased laws were cited as a probable reason for despair in men. In this article we will analyze if the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 commonly referred to as the Domestic Violence Act (DV Act) has a causal relationship in increasing in suicides among men.

The DV Act was brought in force by the government on October 26, 2006 and it provides for protection of women from domestic violence in a marital home. This act also provides certain rights to women such as right to matrimonial home, right to receive…

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National Crime Records Bureau – Suicide Stats – 2012 (Part 1)

National Crime Records Bureau – Suicide Stats – 2012 (Part 1)

Stand up for a Cause ...

Dangerous Risk Adrenaline Suicide by Fear of F...

The 2012 data of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) suicide statistics has been released, report titled: Accidental Death and Suicides in India – 2012. The data shows the plight of men in this country. Of the total 1,35,445 suicides around 88,453 were men and 46,992 were women. Suicides by men were 1.9 times more than suicides by women. Suicides by farmers are 11.4% of the total suicides[i] and 1.4% of the total suicides were due to poverty[ii].

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