Beti Bachao or war against Indian boys

Beti Bachao or war against Indian boys.


Indian women have no responsibility in their families

Very true article…

The Male Factor

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So dear reader, did you start jumping simply reading the title? Not unexpected but I will request you to read this before you form your opinion on this matter.

In a recent debate when I said this obviously everyone around went against me as they considered this as chauvinistic view and I asked them to tell me one responsibility that Indian women have in their families.

First reply was, women take care of entire household work. They cook, wash utensils, keep the house clean etc. Well I said, what if a woman denies doing that? Everyone was sticking to the point that women take up these responsibilities even without asking them to do so, but no one had any answer to my question what if a woman denies doing the household work.

Will it be considered as domestic violence against the husband? Will the husband get…

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What does murder / suicide of Dwarka techie tell us…

See, where #HollowWomenEmpowerment is taking us…

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If you have noticed, recently murder in a matrimonial relation has become very common in India. In yet another incident in Delhi, a techie was found dead and his wife seriously injured in their flat while the other occupant, the mother of the man was found unconscious in her room that was locked from outside.

Let’s look at the news published by different media for this –

Dwarka Techie Suicide TOI – Jan 5 2015

Techie suicide_HT News Hindustan Times – Jan 4, 2015

Important point to note for us is how media makes someone guilty by their headline. If you look at the Hindustan Times headline, you will see that the techie is projected as the criminal even when police investigation is on.

The headline of TOI however is more balanced and just mentions what was found in the crime scene. Also note the difference in media report that says two different things about how…

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