Just few minute back discussion with a friend about a city (let us say city X). Somehow a statement comes that city X is having higher crime rate compare then other cities. Source is … … .defiantly not NCRB.

I am still confused except NCRB, what other source we have about crime rates. My mistake I forget the biggest source we use in India is not NCRB but our mind. Our biggest source is what we believe, does not matter if sported by statistics or not.

Because here the source was ‘what we believe‘ so the discussion turned toward kidnapping of girls (why ? Because of an incident recorded in my earlier blog).

Question is what happen if a girl goes out after dark/evening ?

My mother believe girls wont come back home if goes out after dark. Her source is .. .. . . .frankly I don’t know, even she has not seen anyone or heard any incident.

In my life I never meet a single person who really can say he has seen or in his relative or near friends has seen kidnapping or heard of it, but I have meet thousands of people believe it a serious issue specially for girls.

Still trying to understand what a serious crime which is never seen or heard in life or in circle even not in my society even I never get a reference. Yes I have seen it in papers. But have seen a lot in paper, even more then others.

Truth is in India total number of kidnapping during 2014 is nearly 77000, looks like a small number when looking at the population of more then 150 crore.

Even the number which I have concern about is how many kidnapping because of ‘GIRL WENT OUT AFTER EVENING’. To get the number we need to subtract male kidnapping out of 77000, then we need to subtract kidnapping where the age is less then 10 year and may be age more the 50 year (55 year), then we need to subtract those candidate not really kidnapped but showed as kidnapping because of some reason (earning / boy friend etc).

Although there is no way to get real number but I believe the number of kidnapping because ‘GIRL WENT OUT AFTER DARK/EVENING’ will be just a fraction of 77000, for safe side let say 5000-10000.

My personal view is this number 5 to 10 thousand is not great when we look at population. But my arguments are countered by a simple misleading statement that number is less because girls don’t go out after dark. When we speak about small cities and towns I have not seen to many male also out on roads after dark and when we think about big cities today in 2016, ratio of male & female on road after dark is almost 1.

All this remind me of one previous incident (again this i recorded in previous blog) of discussion about rape with a lady. Simple argument out of 3, 1 male is rapist. When i asked who is rapist at your home your father, your brother or your husband. Her father and brother were saint and her husband was also not rapist, still didn’t get answer where all the rapist hiding because every lady claim her father and brother are saint.

But we don’t have any argument for trained mind, educating mind is possible but not easy.


Gursharn Singh